Photography Feature

Photography Featured In International Publication

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 4.47.18 AM is the online publication using my photos

I have always been drawn to photography as an art medium. My love of photography began after attending a very controversial Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit in Boston in 1988. Shortly after, I began taking photos for fun, always looking to capture the beauty I found in life with a photo.

I realized that photography had the ability to evoke so much raw human emotion.   Its ability to capture the immediacy of the human condition while only allowing the artist subject matter, lighting, staging and focus to express creativity.

Working as a Marketing Consultant for small businesses, I was able to turn something that I love doing into my work. I shoot food, products and locations of my clients to help them generate content for their marketing materials and social media platforms.

Two examples of my photography

Two examples of my photography

This is an example of photos I took for Andre Richard Salon of their ARS product line. The photos were recently featured in an English publication. Andre Richard Salon uses these photos as the key brand identification photos for their line.

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